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Ice For Weeks


The double walled construction, high performance Huntsman foam, quality seals and latches all seal in the cold. Better retention means fewer trips to the store and the gas station. Just wait until you use it!



Our uniquely reinforced Outfitter lid discourages warping, a leading cause of premium cooler failure making your Canyon Coolers last for many years. Kayak plastic makes coolers you can stand on, stomp on and abuse.



4 years on all Outfitters, 3 Years for other models. Can’t find a dealer nearby? We offer free returns within 14 days on all Outfitter models if your more than 30 miles from a dealer.



100% recessed latches, handles and drains on our Outfitter models mean no hang ups, no damage, and better packing. Our rotomolded coolers come with UV resistant polyethylene construction, true sizing, and a lighter weight that means you can still lift it. Save Ice, Save Money, Save Time.